Few things can shape a human being more than the relationship between parent and child. While we are young, our parents are

Addiction can recontextualize much of a person’s life, from daily routines to nuanced situations. Stress, anxiety, depression, and more can all carry

Motivation is a core part of the recovery process and is necessary to employ coping strategies and push towards goals. However, while

“Safety” is a word used a lot throughout recovery. While it is undoubtedly an important component of substance abuse or mental health

While one’s time in a recovery facility is tightly focused on creating a safe and secure environment, graduating, becoming an alumnus, and

The Vicious Cycle of Blame

Blame can be incredibly potent and is something that can be a major part of one’s journey through recovery. While it can

While one’s detox or residential treatment may come to a conclusion, one’s recovery is an ongoing process. However, as one moves out

Addiction recovery is a complicated journey from the moment a person steps into their first day of detox to maintaining their sobriety

Social anxiety is tumultuous enough to cope with on its own. However, with the continued effects of the coronavirus complicating social events,

Relationships of any kind can be complicated. Even the healthiest relationships will require a degree of compromise and may still contain occasional

Medications can be powerful tools that can be used to help an individual get through even the toughest parts of their recovery

Animals can be an integral part of one’s recovery journey. Animal-assisted therapy or having a pet throughout recovery provides a powerful perspective

Spirituality can play a crucial role throughout addiction recovery. Taking a spiritual stance is not necessary for a transformative, sustained sobriety. However,

The Holistic Benefits of Yoga

Originating in India, yoga has been around for thousands of years. Although it is a big part of Indian culture and tradition,

Taking the first step into a treatment facility, or even acknowledging the need for a recovery program in one’s life, are major

While in recovery from substance use disorder, your mood may fluctuate often. Sometimes things are fine, and other times it can be

With the beginning of the school year making its annual return, those who have been navigating their recovery over the summer may

Is a Sponsor Right for Me?

Sponsors play an important role in a person’s recovery journey. While having a sponsor is a common practice for many different approaches

Shame can be one of the most powerful emotions human beings experience in life. The prolific Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung once said,

Since the early 1970s during the Nixon administration, Americans have been living under a set of political policies known as “The War

Although the ways we read have changed with time, books have been an important part of our culture for well over 1,000

Camping is one of the most popular activities in the United States, with over 40 million people going on a trip each

Mental health is a very serious issue in the United States. In 2019, about 51.5 million adults over the age of 18

Language is a powerful tool. For those in recovery from addiction, language can also aid in recovery by continuing to foster change

Practicing Mindfulness at Home

Practicing mindfulness can be a crucial part of managing one’s sobriety and emotional state. Being able to distance oneself from immediate, impulsive

Hope is a word that is thrown around often, although many people do not have a good idea of what it is

Recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol is a long journey. Different parts of the year can present unique challenges for

Even after one’s treatment program has concluded, their journey is not over. However, the reintroduction back into the “real world” and the

Music is a powerful and accessible art form that holds great therapeutic value for those recovering from addiction or experiencing anxiety, depression,

Addiction recovery is a complex journey that is open to new therapeutic approaches and modalities. Doing so can help develop a comprehensive

Recovery from addiction is a complex ordeal. It is important to prepare for stress and difficulty throughout the recovery process by planning

Graduating from an addiction recovery program and reingratiating oneself into the “real world” is worthy of celebration. However, joining new communities or

Urges are an unfortunate inevitability throughout any stage of addiction recovery. Often, they are prevalent during the beginning of one’s sober journey

Replacement–replacing something with something else–is a common practice throughout the addiction recovery process. However, the replacement of an addictive substance in one’s

While addiction recovery is a very personal journey, there can be great benefits from embracing the presence of others. Working on one’s

Recovery from addiction is an arduous process that can contain a great deal of stress. However, it is also one of the

Traumatic experiences stick with a person for a long time, even after any immediate danger has passed. These experiences can be closely

Letting go of guilt is an important part of the recovery process. Regardless of whether an individual is working to overcome an

A loved one coming home after completing a residential treatment program or moving out of a sober living facility is a testament

The successful implementation of new life skills, coping strategies, and a change in one’s mindset are all hallmarks of profound progress in

Words like “addiction” and “ abuse” bring up a number of preconceived notions, depending on the individual. Images of people constantly drunk

Having a loved one who is suffering from a dual diagnosis can be a tumultuous time, ripe with complex and intense emotions.

Stress is a regular part of everyday life. While a certain level of stress can be expected, having an overabundance of stress

Discussions around marijuana addiction can be complicated, delicate situations for a number of reasons. While marijuana can have undeniably negative effects, the

The line between safe enjoyment of alcohol and the destructive use of the substance is thin. While alcohol is not illegal, it

Caring and understanding supports play a vital role throughout each individual’s recovery journey. However, being an effective support takes skill, and there

Depression and drug use create a complicated and difficult recovery path, especially if an individual is self-medicating their depressive symptoms or are

Hopelessness can be an intense emotional barrier that is prevalent throughout one’s recovery journey. For some, hopelessness can result in feelings of

Martial arts have been a part of human life for as long as people have been writing things down. Wrestling, for example,

For many people, the media you watch online or on television is how you stay connected to what is going on in

How Does PTSD Affect Sleep?

Getting good sleep is one of the most critical factors in the well-being of your body and mind. Sleep affects your immune

People have strong psychological connections to the places where they spend most of their time. Your homes, jobs, and houses of loved

When thinking about hobbies, you may think of pleasurable activities like hiking, art,  music, or photography. Although you may begin a hobby

You may have heard the term “Positive Feedback Loop” in various contexts but not know its meaning. Positive Feedback Loops are mechanisms

Listening to others is one of the most powerful and essential skills a person can have. Truly taking in what someone has

While learning something new, it can be very valuable to look to others who have achieved the goals you have your eyes

Addiction is an isolating experience and even those who have navigated the recovery sphere and graduated from a recovery program can still

Graduating from a recovery program and continuing to move forward through one’s new, sober life is a powerful thing. Throughout recovery, an

One of the first things you learn when undergoing treatment for a substance use disorder (SUD) is the importance of holistic care.

Trauma and addiction recovery are long and complicated ventures with several emotional and mental hurdles to overcome. Improving one’s resiliency is crucial