Seeking Treatment for Myself

Have you ever asked yourself if you might need help controlling your substance use? You’re not alone. Rates of substance use disorders in the United States are high and continue to climb. With the amount of stress in our daily lives, more and more people turn to substances to help them get through the day. 

A substance use disorder can be a serious problem. If you struggle with your substance use and do not know if you can handle it on your own, you may need to look for a treatment program that can help you. Treatment programs may not be the scary, hospital-style places that many people have in mind. Many programs offer a comfortable, home-like setting that feels safe, friendly and welcoming.

Detox and Residential Levels Of Care
Detox and Residential Treatment For People

Do You Need Help?

No one wants to think they cannot handle their substance use, but making the decision to look for help takes great courage. You may know whether you need help if you meet these criteria:

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Physical Dependence

You have been using the substance daily or almost daily, and your body has gotten used to having it. If you do not, you experience unpleasant feelings of withdrawal.

depressed man sitting in dark room


You have used the substance enough that now using the same amount does not work as well, or you need to use more to get the same effect you used to have.


You will keep trying to get or use drugs even if the situation becomes dangerous or there might be severe consequences.

Because addiction has mental and physical components, staff at a treatment facility may ask if you have a mental health diagnosis. If you have a mental health diagnosis or think you might, this could be a potential cause of your substance use.


Where Do We Start?

The best place to start is a long and serious conversation with your loved one. Convincing someone to seek treatment if they feel unwilling can seem like an impossible task. However, your loved one may have some idea how much harm they have caused with their substance use disorder.

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 An honest conversation helps everyone clear the air and understand why you are encouraging them to seek treatment. If your loved one consents to treatment, the next step can involve looking for a facility where your loved one will feel comfortable and where you can help participate in their treatment process.

How Do I Choose the Best Treatment?

Choosing the best treatment means finding the facility that will suit your specific needs. Many people will do well in a residential program with a comfortable environment and a high staff-to-patient ratio. Also, a quality program should offer several different types of therapy and should also provide recreational activities and complementary therapies like art and music.

You can search for treatment programs online, and if you think you might have found the right one, you can always call and ask questions. At a quality program, staff will be happy to help you. You should never have to go to any program where you do not feel welcome and cared for.

If you think you might need help with a substance use or mental health disorder, please contact Everlast Recovery Centers and we will make sure we find the best treatment that meets your needs. Even if it is not at Everlast, we ensure that anyone inquiring about getting treatment receives the appropriate care and attention to begin their path towards recovery.