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If you have questions for us or are ready to talk about the admissions process, call Everlast Recovery Centers today! We will take your call any time of day to ensure you receive the help you need. We do not want anything to be a barrier for getting into treatment. Therefore, if getting to our facility is a challenge for you, we will help you find transportation to our treatment program as well as find you a way to get safely home after treatment. 

No matter what, you can escape addiction with the help of Everlast’s exceptional clinical team and support staff. Today you can take your first steps toward freedom from substance abuse and addiction!

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    Your Insurance May Pay For Treatment

    We accept most major insurance plans—but we don’t think insurance executives should decide what’s best for you. If
    you need treatment, we’ll go toe-to-toe with your insurance provider to make sure you get it.

    We Offer Very Competitive Cash Pay Rates Call Today to Inquire.