What We Treat

Everlast Recovery Centers serve individuals with mental health and substance use disorders.  Many people who come to treatment for addiction may not realize they have a co-occurring mental health disorder like depression or anxiety. Because substance abuse and mental health disorders often overlap, we treat substance use disorders and patients with a primary diagnosis for a mental health disorder. 

Mental Health Disorders and Substance Use Disorders are often intertwined.  A person with a mental health disorder (whether it is diagnosed or not) may attempt to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol to mitigate their symptoms.  Prolonged substance abuse can also exacerbate mental health disorders.  They may contribute to addiction and hinder treatment.  At Everlast Recovery, we believe that treating both problems together offers the best chance for long-term recovery. Our comprehensive treatment program offers our clients the best chance at maintaining their health and wellness after leaving our care.

What We Treat
What We Treat

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

At Everlast Recovery Centers, we offer detox and residential levels of care. For most individuals, substance abuse treatment will begin with detox. At Everlast, we follow this with residential treatment that provides ongoing support as people adjust to sobriety.

Substance addictions that we address in our detox and residential facilities include:

If you need to know whether we can help you detox from a particular drug, please contact us. The number of new drugs available grows each day, and we stay prepared for anything.

Everlast assists people who have substance abuse problems, but our program also seeks to heal other issues contributing to their struggles. We treat individuals who have problems with both addiction and mental health disorders. Everlast believes that treating the entire person and involving their loved ones in treatment helps promote a well-rounded recovery. 

While our centers highlight the 12-Step program as a recovery model, we accept that this model does not work for everyone. As a result, we encourage people to explore alternatives such as SMART Recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Everlast Recovery Centers treats substance use disorders, and most people who enter treatment for these disorders expect to be treated for their addiction. However, many people with substance use disorders also have mental health issues. Often called a dual diagnosis, struggling with both addiction and a mental health disorder requires special treatment. For the many people who struggle with addiction and mental health, treatment must also address these mental health disorders. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, almost 40% of people with a substance use disorder also have a mental health disorder.

What We Treat

Nearly 20% of people with a mental health disorder also have substance abuse issues. This means that if you have a substance use disorder, you may also have a mental health disorder like depression or anxiety, among many others. These mental health issues can contribute to people developing substance use disorders, but substance abuse also worsens these disorders. 

People with a dual diagnosis will receive treatment for both problems while in Everlast’s care. Post-residential treatment, we will aid the person in finding ongoing mental health treatment as necessary.

What We Treat
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Mental Health Treatment

At Everlast Recovery Centers, we offer inpatient treatment for patients with mental health disorders.  Our compassionate staff and welcoming environment offer an alternative to inpatient hospitalization.

Our array of therapeutic modalities allows us to design individualized treatment programs for individuals diagnosed with:

Our residential mental health treatment center will allow you to focus solely on stabilizing your condition and focus on the issues and symptoms that are keeping you from living a happy, healthy life. 

At Everlast, we teach you healthy ways to deal with your anxiety or depression. We can teach you ways to deal with the excess energy that comes with manic episodes. Everlast offers art and music therapy along with wellness programs like yoga and hiking.

Our staff of medical professionals offers medication management to help you dig your way out of that hole of depression and despair. The intensive nature of our program allows us to offer an accurate diagnosis which can take a huge load off your shoulders because you know you’re finally going to get the treatment you need.