Many people already know that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a mild form of depression that can occur because of the shorter

Moving to a new city can be nerve-wracking, even if you will be in the same state. International moves or out-of-state moves

So many things can trigger a relapse for those in recovery, but did you know there is a form of positive thinking

Sobriety is more than abstinence. To achieve happiness and progress in your recovery, you need to work through what caused you to

Don’t you wish you could just pop a pill and magically lose weight? That is exactly what many people hope for when

The lockdowns and social distancing measures that most cities had to put in place during 2020 added an extra layer of stress

You’re fresh out of rehabilitation and moving into recovery on your own outside your inpatient stay. When you first find yourself discharged

When people think of depression, they often think of someone who sleeps all day, isolates themselves, lacks interest in daily activities, etc.

You may be familiar with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but there is a more severe form called complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD).

How to Create a Safety Plan A safety plan is a critical tool for anyone with a history of addiction, emotional or

Depression affects your emotions and impairs your ability to think clearly. Symptoms often include sleep disruptions, mood swings, a lack of motivation,

You’ve made it through detoxification, rehabilitation, and now you’re in recovery and sober–it should be smooth sailing from here, right? If only

We all get angry in response to specific situations, but when you find yourself overreacting to minor inconveniences, there may be an

Your body has been through detox for substance abuse. Now it’s time to detox from the poor eating habits you developed while

One of the worst feelings in the world is watching someone you love hurt themselves. It’s one of abject helplessness because you

Volunteering can play an important role in the recovery process. As you invest in helping others, you’re also helping yourself. When you

Your days may feel like a constant race against time to accomplish everything you need to do. Living with chronic pain adds

Is Relapse Inevitable?

Does everyone in recovery have at least one relapse? Does it take more than one try to get it right? You may

As a person in recovery, you likely have many friends who are working hard to lead a sober life. What happens in

Some people joke around when they describe what they think is a silly behavior as “your OCD coming out.” When you like things

Sometimes people do not “click.” Their way of thinking and communicating is simply not compatible in a meaningful way. You might be

You’re probably aware of such behavioral addictions as gambling, shopping, and overeating. Did you know that an obsession over productivity is also

Zoom and other video chat apps have become a part of life for millions of people since the pandemic began. Doctor visits,

Traditionally, hordes of college kids have descended on beaches and vacation spots to celebrate spring break. However, people have started rethinking spring

It’s becoming increasingly common for young adults around the world to abuse stimulants to stay awake to study so they can get

When most people think of addiction or substance abuse, they may think of illicit substances like cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine. Although not

Learning to Manage Anger

While anger is a common challenge for every person, those in recovery may be recovering from trauma, such as feeling anger at

Wouldn’t it be easier if there were a standard list of goals for everyone in recovery? You could be handed a pre-written

Recovering from an eating disorder, or ED, takes place over some time and in small steps. There is no fast track for

If you’re in recovery, you probably already know it’s a process that never ends–you’re in recovery for life. But did you know

You worked hard to get sober and continue to follow the treatment plans and therapies suggested by your care team, but fear

Starting a business can be stressful enough for entrepreneurs with all the details involved. But starting a business when you already have

Many people first became aware of dissociative identity disorder (DID) when the book Sybil was released and made into a movie starring

Treatment for substance use and addiction begins the moment you decide that you’ve had enough. The moment you step through the doors

Sometimes when you’re feeling isolated and alone, it’s good to put on a TV show, movie, or documentary that focuses on substance

Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

Science often grapples with the “nature versus nurture” theory about various disorders and diseases. Alcoholism is no exception. Is it a hereditary

In the battle against addiction and mental illness, sometimes things get so bad that you may feel you need to use a

When you were using drugs and alcohol, life might have seemed more exciting. You were with a crazy group of friends that

Why Should I Get Sober?

When you stop drinking, everyone tells you how much healthier you’ll be. Well, yes, but what else happens? Let’s get down to

If you’ve heard anything about recovery, you’ve likely heard about the cravings that come when you get sober. Part of your rehabilitation

You may have already noticed that you experience a certain rejuvenating effect when you go outside or go to a big park.

You were doing so well. You had hit rock-bottom and got help. You got clean and started your life over. Then you

Once you’ve gone through detoxification and rehabilitation, you’re starting a new life in the outside world. The sun is shining and everything

What Is Alcohol Poisoning?

In the U.S., we often talk about drug overdoses, substance abuse, and alcohol problems, but we seldom understand the seriousness of another

Withdrawal is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Alcohol withdrawal is different from heroin withdrawal and heroin withdrawal is different from methamphetamine withdrawal. If

You’ve struggled through addiction, detoxification, rehabilitation, and you’re finally into recovery. You know it’s a tough lifelong fight but your life is

You’ve finally admitted to yourself you’re addicted to heroin. You’re tired of the lies, stealing, living on the streets, and the day-to-day

Much has been said about social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic and many people have tried to stay connected to family and

Suffering from depression is already hard enough. Maybe you’ve had to adjust medications to find the right combination or you’re getting therapy

While people from all walks of life experience depression, 30% to 60% of members of the LGBTQ+ community suffer from increased anxiety

What Is Equine Therapy?

You may have heard of pet therapy where your household pets offer a calming or therapeutic effect on your well-being. You may

Mental health treatment has come a long way from a history of barbaric treatments and scientific misunderstandings by healthcare workers and the

Although we still have a long way to go, our society has become more familiar and compassionate with many mental health issues.

Have you heard of the latest trend for substance abuse treatment and recovery? It’s not mindfulness meditation, yoga, or even pet therapy.

If you got sober this year, this may be your first St. Patrick’s Day without pub crawling or heavy drinking. How can

You may have had some tough times in your relationships in the past but you have stuck with your partner because everyone

Methamphetamine use is reaching epidemic proportions here in the United States. Meth, as it is commonly called, can cause devastating effects to

Did you start a journal while you were in rehabilitation? Did you keep it up when you left inpatient treatment? Or maybe

What Triggers Relapse?

You’ve gone through treatment but what can cause a relapse to a return to your old substance abuse? Everyone is different, but

We’re one month into 2021–how are your New Year’s resolutions going? Are you keeping them or have you given up? One of