About Us

Danny’s Story

Everlast Recovery Center’s founder and CEO Danny Dorsey knows firsthand the toll that addiction can take on a person, on their loved ones and on their community.

His personal journey and his appreciation for a second chance at life have inspired him to share the hope and joy of recovery with everyone who needs it.

As we grow in life, we evolve from what we once were to what we are capable of becoming: successful and productive members of our community and role models for our children.

Danny knows how important support is in recovery from addiction, and he’s ready to give you the tools you need to fight for your recovery.

We’ll Help You Win the Fight Against Addiction

We won’t sugar-coat it: detox can be tough. That’s why we established our detox center in Riverside to help ease you through this part of the process. There’s no need to go through this alone or unsupported. Allow our experience and success to guide you as you join us in recovery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to compassionately and ethically guide our brothers and sisters toward their dream of living a life of sobriety.

Let Us Help You

We are still open and accepting new clients. Call us today
We are still open and accepting new clients.
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