About Us

About Us

“As we grow in life, we evolve from what we once were to what we are capable of becoming: successful and productive members of our community and role models for our children.”

Danny’s Story

Danny Dorsey, founder and CEO of Everlast Recovery Centers knows first-hand the pain addiction causes to a person, their loved ones, and their community. His personal journey has led him to offer others the same second chance at life he once received. Due to this, he understands the need for support and care during recovery from addiction. Danny wants to give others the tools they need to succeed in their own recovery journey and seeks to share the hope and joy that recovery offers with every person who needs his help, one at a time. 

About Everlast Recovery Centers

Danny Dorsey created Everlast Recovery Centers with a message of hope. Although located in California, the program offers treatment options for people from all over the world. 

In a pleasant family setting, recovery at Everlast takes place in a residential environment and the care and attention of the clinical and support staff help facilitate the close bonds necessary for the early recovery process.

While at our program, clients will find healing in groups, recreational activities, and a 3:1 patient to staff ratio to further encourage the recovery process.

About Us
About Us

Our Mission

At Everlast, we will guide our brothers and sisters with compassion and ethics toward their dream of living a life of recovery. Danny and his team remain committed to this mission each day. At Everlast Recovery Centers, Danny’s vision for accessible, compassionate recovery guides everything we do.

We’ll Help You Win the
Fight Against Addiction

You don’t need to go through recovery alone. At Everlast, we know recovery can be difficult, and our treatment center will give you the best care to ease you through the most challenging parts. 

We’ll guide you through finding ways to build and grow your best life in recovery through our residential treatment program. For Everlast, care means working with you as long as it takes to support you along your recovery journey.