Family is a major part of one’s life. The various relationships established with family members can influence an individual through each stage

Not everyone who experiences trauma will respond in the same manner, but you can do things to mitigate the potential side effects

Reaching out for help with substance use, mental health, or trauma is a major challenge on its own. Asking for support comes

Life skills are vital to sober living and two of the most important skills include emotional competency and critical thinking. These allow

Recovery environments, from detox treatment to residential care and sober living, are all tightly curated spaces designed to mitigate the presence of

Resentment is corrosive to relationships, self-confidence, and sabotages your recovery. Everyone experiences bitterness at some point in their life. However, dwelling on

Sobriety is a lifelong journey that doesn’t have any kind of definite end date. Whether an individual is just taking their first

Early recovery can include various stages, from initial detox to continuing care in the months after you complete a rehabilitation program. Essentially,

Addiction and mental health disorders can affect every aspect of an individual’s life. They can inhibit daily routines, workplace performance, and attendance

Equine therapy, also known as horse-assisted therapy (HAT) or equine-assisted therapy (EAT), is a trending alternative therapy becoming popular in addiction recovery

Answering questions about one’s sobriety can be a difficult and uncomfortable position. There can be many internal conflicts when faced with having

Overcoming an addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, or any other kind of addiction is an arduous process. It is common that

The decision to stay sober is one focus of addiction recovery. All of an individual’s goals and strategies are based on the

Few things are as emotionally painful as a breakup. Regardless of whether you or your partner instigated the move, there is stress

There are close links between impulse control disorders (ICDs) and addictive behaviors, including substance use disorders (SUDs.) A primary characteristic of impulsivity

Addiction is a complicated disease that affects many people, both in the number of people who may suffer from the disease and

The choice to pursue a healthy, sober lifestyle is a profound one. However, it also comes with a number of hurdles along

Recovery programs are filled with a myriad of therapeutic practices. With group therapy, individual therapy, and various experiential programs and scheduled practices,

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a disorder that affects many people and causes feelings of depression that can be linked to the

Holidays introduce new hurdles throughout one’s recovery, and the 4th of July is no exception. Given the festivities surrounding the event and

Mental health disorders come in many different forms, and each individual’s unique circumstances need to be handled with their own nuance and

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometimes reading or hearing someone talk about cravings is enough to cause them, so if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed

Developing an escape plan early in one’s recovery journey is essential to maintaining sobriety, avoiding slips, and relapsing. However, creating these escape

Successfully navigating through a recovery program and incorporating recovery techniques outside of the recovery sphere is a huge accomplishment. However, moving back

The terms “abuse” and “addiction” are often used interchangeably when discussing drugs and alcohol, which can lead many to believe that they

Growth and personal development are cornerstones of the addiction recovery process. Learning to embrace new skills, identify and address personal obstacles, and

Every recovery journey is unique, with each day presenting several personal obstacles, difficulties, and both positive and negative emotions. Throughout the recovery

Subjectivity can muddy the waters when it comes to physical and mental recovery. You need to set realistic goals for yourself, and

Learning to plan a sober holiday is an important part of maintaining one’s sobriety outside of the recovery sphere. While there can

Self-care is essential to your well-being. If you avoid looking after your emotional, physical, or mental needs, you will suffer from more

No part of the recovery process is easy, and reaching an entire year sober is a huge accomplishment. However, this milestone doesn’t

Discovering that a loved one is hiding their drug use is a complicated situation. Trust can quickly deteriorate and give way to

Recognizing personal boundaries is an ordinary social skill that some people do not learn as they grow up due to neglect, abuse,

Social anxiety is a commonly discussed mental health disorder. However, what exactly a social anxiety disorder entails can be rather enigmatic as

Reaching a point in one’s addiction recovery journey where one is prepared to talk about their experiences can be an empowering, if

The Power of Gratitude

Oxford Languages describes gratitude as “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” If you have

The 12-Step program is a well-known and popular approach to addiction recovery. 12-Step practices and mantras have stood as a testament to

No matter where you are in your recovery journey, there are things you can do today to set future achievements in motion.

Throughout the recovery process, each individual will be exposed to several like-minded people who intimately understand the difficulties of addiction recovery daily.

Moving to residential treatment is a major transition. Leaving the familiarity of one’s home can bring several stresses, even in people who

From the time they take their first step into detox through graduating from a recovery program, each person can feel the weight

Replacing old bad habits with new bad habits is easy and is something to avoid because they have a way of making

Mental health and addiction recovery aren’t confined to just a single, dedicated recovery space. While recovery facilities may provide a safe and

Whether a loved one is suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, working through a mental health disorder, or navigating the

A trigger is anything that produces flashbacks or strong memories of past traumas and stressful events. Usually, they are prompted by something

Introverts tend to feel drained when placed in loud or stressful social situations. Support group and self-help meetings involve a lot of

Genetics and the environment play a role in substance abuse, but another factor that plays heavily into a future substance use disorder

As if rehabilitation and recovery weren’t complicated enough, you are also trying to manage your job along with all the daily responsibilities

People often make jokes about someone being “antisocial,” but they often mean someone who prefers to be alone or is introverted. Genuine

Whether it’s due to unforeseeable circumstances, such as moving, or whether you decide it’s time to move on to another counselor, there

Major depression can be debilitating. You may find yourself having trouble functioning, and even simple tasks may feel insurmountable. Depression often features

One of the greatest challenges of recovery is maintaining your motivation in the face of a never-ending challenge. It takes work, and

Adderall is often prescribed for adolescents and young adults diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder(ADHD). When used correctly, it can have a therapeutic effect

Stress can affect your mental, physical, and emotional health. There is also evidence that chronic stress can be a significant risk factor

“Wellness” may have different definitions for everybody, but if you’re in recovery, there are eight criteria or dimensions that constitute wellness for

Many factors can affect your recovery and maintaining sobriety, but did you know that gut health may be a key factor? Your

Pain is difficult to live with, and depending on the source, it can impact all aspects of your life. There is a

Bipolar disorder has been linked to many substance abuse cases, but recent studies have shown that substance abuse is not the only

Recovery is hard under the best of circumstances. When you have a co-occurring mental illness, recovery goes from hard to harder and

Many people already know that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a mild form of depression that can occur because of the shorter