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Every November 11th, we set aside a day for the brave men and women of our armed forces. Without their sacrifices, love,

Many people have heard the phrase “happiness is relative” before. Of course, this points out that something that makes one person happy

Language can carry a lot of power, and those in recovery can be significantly affected by how words are used. Even with

Small Steps Can Really Add Up

Whenever we make significant life changes, we usually have some goal in mind. For example, this goal may be to achieve sobriety,

Addiction is a problem that affects millions of people worldwide, and many of those people are not the ones using substances. Often

The holiday season is wrought with exciting prospects. However, for those continuing to pursue their recovery outside of the treatment sphere, they

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a common struggle for many throughout the winter months. While any season of the year can bring

The holidays come with a plethora of new experiences as an individual graduates from a treatment program and begins to rebuild their

Talking to children about addiction is a complicated and fragile topic. While individuals may have graduated from a treatment program and are