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Even after one’s treatment program has concluded, their journey is not over. However, the reintroduction back into the “real world” and the

Music is a powerful and accessible art form that holds great therapeutic value for those recovering from addiction or experiencing anxiety, depression,

Addiction recovery is a complex journey that is open to new therapeutic approaches and modalities. Doing so can help develop a comprehensive

Recovery from addiction is a complex ordeal. It is important to prepare for stress and difficulty throughout the recovery process by planning

Graduating from an addiction recovery program and reingratiating oneself into the “real world” is worthy of celebration. However, joining new communities or

Urges are an unfortunate inevitability throughout any stage of addiction recovery. Often, they are prevalent during the beginning of one’s sober journey

Replacement–replacing something with something else–is a common practice throughout the addiction recovery process. However, the replacement of an addictive substance in one’s

While addiction recovery is a very personal journey, there can be great benefits from embracing the presence of others. Working on one’s

Recovery from addiction is an arduous process that can contain a great deal of stress. However, it is also one of the