Our Program

Everlast Recovery Centers provides residential treatment for mental health and addiction. Our program helps your body relearn how to thrive. At Everlast, you’ll experience a compassionate, home-like environment and personalized treatment that help you progress in your recovery. You never have to struggle through recovery alone; we support you through each step of the process.

Detox and Residential Levels Of Care
Detox and Residential Treatment For People

Is a Drug Detox Program Necessary?

Most people with a substance use disorder will require some form of detox. During detox, the body clears itself of the substances it has become dependent on and withdrawal symptoms should be expected as the body adjusts. 

A professional detox facility can provide the needed support to keep you safe during your detox and ease your withdrawal symptoms. Trying to detox without professional assistance can be dangerous and have life-threatening consequences. No one should attempt to detox without professional supervision, and anyone wanting to detox should seek help.

Our Program

Everlast Recovery Centers Program

Detox is the first step in finding recovery. Monitoring your health and comfort during detox includes medical support and medication as needed.

Once you have completed detox, Everlast’s residential treatment program provides the perfect setting for your mind and body to adjust to daily life in sobriety.

From the first contact with our professional staff, the exceptional, qualified team at Everlast will guide you through everything, whether you’re reaching out for help for yourself or a loved one.  Our staff focuses on your needs and will address your discomfort with compassion and understanding. Detox can be a struggle and our team understands your experience and wants to help you.

Our Program

24 Hour Care

Everlast’s around-the-clock clinical and support team ensures that you are consistently provided the highest quality care and attention throughout your stay.

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable as possible during this critical team. Our program is IMS Certified, with the ability to provide medical treatment onsite as needed, as well as weekly visits from a doctor. Regardless of how long you stay with us, your physical safety and health remain our top priority.

Therapeutic Services

Everlast’s residential level of therapeutic services provides you with tools to move forward. Participating in these programs lays the groundwork for your future success. These include:

Detox Program

We know that your mind needs new tools to replace unhealthy thought processes. Our psychoeducational groups help you create healthy coping skills. When you take these tools out into the world with you, you allow yourself the ability to enjoy life on life’s terms:

Detox Program

Our goal at Everlast Recovery Centers is to send you out into the world with a new toolset that will help you not just in recovery but in all areas of your life.