Our Detox & Residential Treatment Center in Riverside County

At Everlast Recovery Center’s facility located in beautiful southern California, we ensure your detox process always occurs under the highest quality care. Our detox and residential treatment center in Riverside, CA process always takes place in a safe environment with staff readily available. Everlast’s expert team of clinical and medical professionals is always there to assure you are comfortable throughout your detox process.

You don’t have to detox alone. In Everlast’s residential drug treatment setting, you will always feel safe during your detox treatment experience. Our gardens and quiet areas offer a place for peace and tranquility, and our common areas are designed to feel open and inviting. Our community environment helps to provide support, encouragement, and companionship with other clients who understand what you’re going through.

Detox and Residential Levels Of Care
Detox and Residential Treatment For People

What is Detox?

When the body and mind become addicted to a drug, your body relies on the substance to provide a state of normalcy. When the drug is taken away, withdrawal symptoms set in that can range from just feeling uncomfortable all the way to the extreme of being life-threatening. When you begin the detox process, you stop using the drugs you have been abusing and remain in detox while they leave your body. You begin to experience withdrawal symptoms as your body gets used to not having these substances in its system.

The withdrawals that happen during detox have different symptoms and severity depending on the substance that was being abused, how long it was abused, and the amount that was being used. Each person has a different detox experience and recovery program. At Everlast, we individualize each person’s treatment program to help with withdrawal symptoms and to make you as comfortable as possible. By the end of the detox process, your withdrawal symptoms should be under control. Your body has made significant adjustments already and will continue to adjust as your recovery progresses.

Will I Take Medication in Detox?

Detoxing will most likely require some kind of supportive medication. The medications are given during addiction treatment protect you from uncomfortable and severe withdrawal symptoms while the drugs leave your system and your body adjusts. You will usually take this medication until your withdrawal symptoms are under control.

At Everlast Recovery Centers, we provide sub-acute medical detox. During the process, we use medications to manage withdrawal symptoms while the person completes detox. Everlast always makes medication decisions on an individual basis, and medications are always consulted under a doctor’s care.

At Everlast, we consider total abstinence as the ultimate goal. However, we recognize everyone has different needs. When choosing Everlast, you can be sure that your treatment options will always be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

What Can I Expect During Detox?

After the admissions process, Everlast’s admitting physician will meet with you and get your medications arranged. You will then begin our detox program.

Everything about the program at Everlast is designed for your safety and comfort while you detox. Nurses are onsite throughout the day and on-call 24 hours a day. For your safety, the first three days of your stay the staff will make rounds every 15 minutes and then eventually to every thirty minutes. Our team is always available to help you whenever you need it.

Other procedures included in detox at Everlast include:

During detox, you will need time to rest and adapt, physically and mentally, as the drugs leave your system. After detox, you can expect more intensive therapy and skill-building in inpatient treatment that will help you attain long-lasting sobriety.

Detox Program

Join Us For The Best Detox Experience

Detox can be an uncomfortable and frightening situation. However, the beautiful facility and caring, qualified staff at Everlast Recovery Centers make us the best place to go through this challenging process.

When detoxing in Riverside, California with everlast, you don’t have to detox alone. See how different a detox facility can be with Everlast.

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