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How to Create a Safety Plan

How to Create a Safety Plan A safety plan is a critical tool for anyone with a history of addiction, emotional or

Depression and Expressing Your Emotions

Depression affects your emotions and impairs your ability to think clearly. Symptoms often include sleep disruptions, mood swings, a lack of motivation,

The Most Common Challenges in Recovery

You’ve made it through detoxification, rehabilitation, and now you’re in recovery and sober–it should be smooth sailing from here, right? If only

Do I Need Anger Management Therapy?

We all get angry in response to specific situations, but when you find yourself overreacting to minor inconveniences, there may be an

Your body has been through detox for substance abuse. Now it’s time to detox from the poor eating habits you developed while

One of the worst feelings in the world is watching someone you love hurt themselves. It’s one of abject helplessness because you

Volunteering can play an important role in the recovery process. As you invest in helping others, you’re also helping yourself. When you

Your days may feel like a constant race against time to accomplish everything you need to do. Living with chronic pain adds

Is Relapse Inevitable?

Does everyone in recovery have at least one relapse? Does it take more than one try to get it right? You may