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Trauma and addiction recovery are long and complicated ventures with several emotional and mental hurdles to overcome. Improving one’s resiliency is crucial


Family is a major part of one’s life. The various relationships established with family members can influence an individual through each stage


Reaching out for help with substance use, mental health, or trauma is a major challenge on its own. Asking for support comes


Recovery environments, from detox treatment to residential care and sober living, are all tightly curated spaces designed to mitigate the presence of


Addiction and mental health disorders can affect every aspect of an individual’s life. They can inhibit daily routines, workplace performance, and attendance

why I don't drink

Answering questions about one’s sobriety can be a difficult and uncomfortable position. There can be many internal conflicts when faced with having

An amber–colored glass ashtray filled with used cigarette butts along with their ashes.

Overcoming an addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, or any other kind of addiction is an arduous process. It is common that


The decision to stay sober is one focus of addiction recovery. All of an individual’s goals and strategies are based on the

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Addiction is a complicated disease that affects many people, both in the number of people who may suffer from the disease and