Safe, Comfortable Drug and Alcohol Detox and Residential Treatment in Riverside, CA


Detoxify Your Body and Mind

Imagine waking up, ready to greet the day and feeling 100 percent. No headache. No body aches or nausea. No remorse, no mental fog. None of the usual calling-cards of a night spent using, just a clear head and peaceful spirit.

If you haven’t experienced a morning like this recently, it might be time to consider drug detox in Riverside, California. At Everlast Recovery Centers, you’ll find a welcoming environment where we’ll help you safely and comfortably detoxify your body and mind from drug addiction and alcohol addiction.

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We accept most major insurance plans—but we don’t think insurance executives should decide what’s best for you. If you need treatment, we’ll go toe-to-toe with your insurance provider to make sure you get it.

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Safe and Comfortable Alcohol and Drug Detox in Riverside, CA

There aren’t many programs for drug detox in Riverside like ours. From a spotless facility to effective therapeutic programs and meticulous record-keeping, we’re attentive to your needs at all times.

Make no mistake, this is the fight of your life. And we’re here to help you win it.

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to You

We’ll do everything we can to minimize your discomfort, and we’ll keep you safe while your body adjusts to sobriety. When you go through drug detox in Riverside, we’re with you every step of the way.

You are always our highest priority. If you’re willing to fight for yourself, we’ll fight for you too.

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We’ve Been There Too

We’ve lost family members and friends to addiction. Many of us have gone through detox and addiction treatment ourselves.

We know how overwhelming it can be to seek treatment for an addiction, but what’s even more frightening is letting your addiction win. Our program for drug detox in Riverside is where your new life starts.

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