Our Residential Treatment and Detox Facility in Riverside, CA

Our residential addiction treatment center is located in beautiful southern California.  Our facilities offer both professionally supervised detox as well as residential treatment.  At our facilities, people who are committed to starting a new life find recovery. With the tools and skills we offer, you’ll learn how to face the challenges of life to have a successful recovery journey.

Residential Facility
Residential Facility

What is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment for substance use disorders may also be called inpatient treatment. At Everlast, our level of treatment provides monitoring and management from our qualified clinical team and medical staff who are available to our clients 24 hours a day. 

People stay in residential or inpatient treatment while they have time to learn new coping skills, get treatment for any mental health issues, adapt to sobriety, and make a plan for living in recovery in the outside world. Residential treatment typically lasts 30 to 60 days, depending on the individual treatment plan. Each person should complete the goals set for them in therapy and get medical approval prior to stepping down to outpatient treatment. 

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has found that residential treatment is highly effective for the treatment of substance use disorders. People who receive residential treatment relapse with lower frequency because they have learned and practiced the skills they need to avoid relapse and find support.

Will I Take Medication in Residential?

You may be prescribed medication if the doctor recommends it as a supportive measure for treating addiction. This will be different for each client as we are committed to client-centered care. We remain dedicated to our goal of abstinence, but our medical doctor makes the final decision regarding medical support during your treatment stay.

Residential Facility

What Will Residential Be Like?

At Everlast, people spend most of the day engaged in our comprehensive clinical program. Throughout the day, whether in individual or group therapy sessions, our clients learn new skills that lead to greater success in their recovery. Some of the therapeutic group topics include:

Residential Facility

The program at Everlast targets learning coping skills, managing emotions, and dealing with the underlying problems feeding a drug or alcohol addiction. You’ll start the day by setting goals for yourself. In the evening, you can relax with other patients and staff or spend time processing and reflect on your overall experience and anything you learned.

Throughout your treatment stay, you will work with several different clinicians and support staff. You will meet with your case manager and primary therapist during the week, and all patients see our medical doctor once a week. In addition to group and individual therapy sessions, you will participate in our yoga and mindfulness classes, trips to the beach or museum, and other activities including the opportunity on Sunday afternoons to visit with your family.

Residential Facility

Residential Treatment That Feels Like Home

Our residential facility welcomes you to your own kind of recovery with comfortable living room settings, peaceful garden spaces, and a homestyle kitchen. Our staff will join you for dinner and provide other opportunities to support you through your struggles and successes. 

Choosing Everlast means choosing the best treatment for you or a loved one struggling with substance use disorder.

Residential Facility