Finding Motivation in Others for Recovery

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While learning something new, it can be very valuable to look to others who have achieved the goals you have your eyes on. These role models can provide motivation and share knowledge that helped them towards their success.  

When considering inspiring achievements, you may think of a bestselling novel or a song hitting the top of the charts. However, overcoming addiction can be even more of an important and challenging accomplishment. Thankfully, there are brave people out there who have shared their stories and wisdom to help you on your journey. 

Inspiration From a Distance 

You may find role models in people you know personally in your life, but this is not always the case when dealing with addiction. Perhaps are the only one in your life who is dealing with this issue, or the others around you are in the middle of their own battles and cannot help. You may also feel shame and isolate yourself because of the stigma society places on you. This can make it very hard to open up and find support or motivation. 

Thankfully because of the internet and social media, you have near unlimited ways of connecting with others. The internet allows you to share your story with millions of people and share advice and support. When you find out that someone you respect has gone through some of the same struggles you have, it can light a fire within you that can give you hope for the future. 

Things to Watch Out For 

Although having a role model can be positive, there are some dangers with putting that amount of faith in someone. It is essential to focus on the fact that the struggle you have in common with this person can be overcome. Try not to focus too much on them as an individual, because this may be discouraging. It is possible to compare yourself too much to them and feel like the differences between both of you may make the difference in your success. 

There is also a possibility of feeling down because you did not achieve what they did in the same amount of time or in the same way. Everyone is different and has their path to take, and looking to others is just a tool to help you move forward. Your role models should help you, not define you. 

King for the Lost 

Tyson Fury, also known by his ring name “Gypsy King,” is currently the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. He is considered one of the best boxers in decades and even has a wife and kids. As he put it, he had everything. Many people were surprised when he came out and said that he had dealt with severe depression and had been abusing substances like cocaine and alcohol. This came after he reached the absolute pinnacle in his sport, defeating the legendary heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko who had reigned for over ten years. 

In several interviews, Tyson revealed that he had dealt with mental health issues his entire life but was not educated enough on the topic to realize it. These problems were hidden by his dream of becoming a champion one day. Once his goal had become a reality, he felt lost. He described it as an empty gaping hole filled with gloom and doom that made him feel depressed. Even though he was on top of the world to everyone else, he felt isolated and incredibly sad. Tyson tried to mask his issues by drinking and doing drugs, but in the end, it just made him feel worse. This all culminated with him nearly taking his own life. 

One night after feeling sad and leaving a party early, Tyson came home and went upstairs into a dark room without saying a word to anyone. He got down on his knees and began to plead to God for help, knowing that he could not do it alone. After this prayer, he felt like a changed man and called his wife. He said that he felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders. The fire inside him had been relit; this is when his journey towards recovery began.

Sharing the Light   

Since overcoming his struggles with substance abuse and depression, Tyson Fury has made it his mission to share his story as much as he can to try and be a voice for others. Even though many of the details would be difficult for anyone to share about themselves, he believes it is more important that he speaks on it if it can help get anyone else on the right path. 

When one person can overcome their struggles, they have the potential to become a beacon of light for others, and they do not have to be a boxing champion to do it. Tyson Fury became champion of the world, but his greatest victory came through recovery, God, and the love of his family.  

Asking for help is the first step on the path to recovery, and it can be the most difficult one. Role models can be a valuable tool to motivate change, but motivation alone is not enough; action is required. It does not matter if you are a famous athlete or just your average person trying to get by, you deserve to achieve your goals, and you don’t have to do it alone. Substance use disorder is often accompanied by underlying psychological issues, and both must be addressed for a successful recovery. At Everlast Recovery Centers, we care about your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We offer treatment for both substance use disorder and mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Our two facilities are located in beautiful southern California and are made to make you feel at home and comfortable. Contact us today at (866) 338-6925 and begin your journey to recovery. 

Table of Contents

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