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While one’s time in a recovery facility is tightly focused on creating a safe and secure environment, graduating, becoming an alumnus, and

The Vicious Cycle of Blame

Blame can be incredibly potent and is something that can be a major part of one’s journey through recovery. While it can

While one’s detox or residential treatment may come to a conclusion, one’s recovery is an ongoing process. However, as one moves out

Addiction recovery is a complicated journey from the moment a person steps into their first day of detox to maintaining their sobriety

Social anxiety is tumultuous enough to cope with on its own. However, with the continued effects of the coronavirus complicating social events,

Relationships of any kind can be complicated. Even the healthiest relationships will require a degree of compromise and may still contain occasional

Medications can be powerful tools that can be used to help an individual get through even the toughest parts of their recovery

Animals can be an integral part of one’s recovery journey. Animal-assisted therapy or having a pet throughout recovery provides a powerful perspective

Spirituality can play a crucial role throughout addiction recovery. Taking a spiritual stance is not necessary for a transformative, sustained sobriety. However,