How A Mobile Pharmacy Provides 24/7 Care

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A mobile pharmacy has many advantages when working in conjunction with an addiction treatment center. Mobile Pharmacies provide fast and convenient service for anyone needing a medical detox, as well as for those who are receiving medication-assisted treatment. A mobile pharmacy can also aid in emergency situations.

Helping Medical Detoxes

Addiction doesn’t pay attention to the clock, and when a person entering a treatment facility needs a quick start to a medical detox, there’s no time to lose. A mobile pharmacy provides detox medications 24-hours a day when they are urgently needed.

A safe detox begins with an assessment by a healthcare professional. Understanding what drug and/or alcohol levels are involved in detox helps the healthcare professionals to know how to best proceed with treatment. Once it’s determined which detox medications fit the person’s needs, a mobile pharmacy can provide the correct medication immediately.

Time is of the essence in a medical detox situation. A mobile pharmacy is available to provide essential medications to ensure the person doesn’t suffer from painful, distressing, and sometimes dangerous, withdrawal symptoms.

A Mobile Pharmacy Helps in Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) uses medications combined with other therapies to provide a comprehensive treatment approach for substance use disorders. A mobile pharmacy makes it simple and easy to dispense MAT medications to clients. Adhering to a MAT schedule is crucial to recovery, and a mobile pharmacy makes taking scheduled medications possible.

Helping in Emergency Situations

Since 2010, opioid overdose deaths have doubled from approximately 21,000 to greater than 42,000 in 2016. Examples of Opioid medications include oxycodone, hydrocodone and fentanyl, all of which are prescription medications. Opioids are also classified as illegal drugs, such as illicitly manufactured fentanyl and heroin.

When someone in an overdose situation needs emergency treatment, time is of the essence. In response to the opioid epidemic, an increasing number of first responders are carrying a medication called Naloxone, or the generic version, Narcan, which immediately reverses the effects of an overdose.

If a person experiencing an overdose is brought into a treatment facility by a friend or family member, a mobile pharmacy can provide critically needed medication to reverse the effects of overdose and help the person recover.

Check with the treatment center you or a loved one are considering verifying they can provide these services. Partnership with a mobile pharmacy is an important part of a well-planned and comprehensive rehab facility.

Table of Contents

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