Staying Sober at UC Riverside

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As a college town, Riverside has its share of drinking establishments and other wild nightlife destinations, but for students in recovery, these can spell disaster for sobriety. Sober living in Riverside is the other side of the coin. It’s possible to relax and have fun at UC Riverside without using drugs or alcohol. Here are five activities for sober living in Riverside.

  • Get involved in The Loft.

The Loft at UC Riverside is a Collegiate Recovery Program, or CRP. It provides a safe, sober space for students in recovery and the people who support them. It offers fellowship, support and community in a sober environment where you can meet like-minded peers through group outings, workshops, sober tailgates and other sober living Riverside activities. CRPs are shown through research to reduce relapse, increase GPA, and improve graduation rates among students in recovery.

  • Go to meetings.

Support group meetings are central to successful recovery, according to a literature review published in the journal Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation. A support group offers a sense of belonging to help ward off feelings of isolation and loneliness, and provides opportunities to develop healthy relationships with other non-users. It provides support, resources, and a higher level of accountability. You can find support group meetings through The Loft, or you can strike out into the city to find meetings to attend.

  • Volunteer.

UC Riverside offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. The UCR Career Center has partnered with ASUCR to provide opportunities for community engagement in Riverside. Join a service-focused student organization, or log in to Handshake for posted volunteer positions.

  • Get active.

Exercise is essential for sober living in Riverside, and opportunities for physical activity abound at UC, including intramural sports, outdoor excursions, martial arts classes, and adventure programs. Check out the Student Recreation Center for classes, workshops, competitive sports leagues and a variety of lessons, including swimming and tennis.

  • Explore the town for sober living Riverside activities.

The city is replete with fun activities for sober living in Riverside. Step off campus with some sober friends, and explore the city. Take in a movie, try your hand at an escape room, play putt-putt golf or visit one of Riverside’s many museums, parks and attractions.

Going to UC Riverside doesn’t have to interfere with your sobriety. You’ll find plenty of ways to have a great college experience without alcohol if you get involved, stay engaged and keep your focus on moving forward in sobriety.

Table of Contents

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