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What Happens After Detox in Riverside?

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Detox in Riverside can be the first step to sobriety, but it isn’t the only step. If you or a loved one has recently completed a program for detox in Riverside, there are several potential treatment options to help a person further develop their relapse-prevention skills and continue in their sobriety.

What to Expect After Detox in Riverside

Family commitments, work and finances: there are many factors that may influence the path a person takes after they complete detox in Riverside. Ideally, a person will continue treatment in a residential inpatient program following detox. In a residential inpatient program, such as at Everlast Recovery Center, a person will continue to add to their toolbox of recovery skills. This includes techniques for relapse prevention, medication management and participation in 12-step programs, if a person desires.

Following a residential inpatient program, a person will often participate in an intensive outpatient treatment program. This acts as a bridge between inpatient services and a return to a person’s daily life. Examples of intensive outpatient programs include attending group meetings or participating in further counseling sessions. Outpatient programs are similar but may not involve as many hours or days a week as an intensive outpatient program.

Finally, a person may wish to pursue a sober living facility. These are specialized homes, apartments or other living situations where several people who are all committed to sobriety live together. Requirements can vary, but one is a must: a commitment to staying sober after detox in Riverside.

Options for Recovery

A person can spend months, years or even decades abusing drugs or alcohol. While detox may help to break the physical dependence, a strong mental connection exists that doesn’t go away overnight. It takes continued participation in addiction treatment programs to address underlying issues and acquire relapse-prevention skills.

Everlast Recovery Center offers residential addiction treatment during detox as well as after the detox program is complete. This means that a person can stay at our facility after detox to continue counseling, group therapy or simply just continue their sobriety in a safe place. When a person is ready to leave our facility, our aftercare experts can refer a person to an outpatient treatment program, such as Pacific Palms Recovery & Life Skills Program.

Table of Contents

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