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Benefits of Co-Ed Addiction Treatment Programs

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One of the major choices when deciding on a rehab is the gender aspect. One choice is a gender-specific rehab where participants are either male or female. The other choice is a co-ed addiction treatment program where participants are both male and female. Co-ed treatment has many benefits.


There are many positive factors regarding co-ed addiction treatment.

Wider choice of programs

Most addiction treatment programs are co-ed. Thus, the choices for rehab are much greater if you go co-ed.]

Modeling of opposite sex interactions

For many people, the roots of addiction are in relationships with the opposite sex. Co-ed rehab can help participants learn how to deal with the opposite sex in more effective and healthier ways.

Natural environment

Separation of the genders is rare in real life. A mix of men and women in a co-ed addiction treatment program creates a more natural environment.

Erases misconceptions about the opposite sex

It’s common for one gender to harbor sexist opinions about the other gender. A co-ed addiction treatment program can help participants form more realistic beliefs. More educated opinions can lead to better choices.

Reveals issues

Co-ed rehab fosters interactions between males and females. This can bring out each other’s underlying issues faster compared to a single-gender setting. For example, low self-esteem, weight, and body issues may come up more when men and women interact regularly. As these issues surface, they can be worked through in therapy.

What Does Co-Ed Addiction Treatment Look Like?

Co-ed addiction treatment provides:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Healing from drug or alcohol addiction
  • Teaching coping skills to avoid relapse

Co-ed treatment programs also:

  • Treat any mental health disorders
  • Provide medicines
  • Provide aftercare services
  • Arrange sober living homes when needed after residential rehab

Co-ed treatment does discourage romances from starting while in rehab. Romantic or sexual contact is usually against the rules. In some rehabs, a romantic or sexual relationship can result in getting kicked out of the program.

Co-ed addiction treatment is recommended for people who understand that romance and sex are not going to be part of rehab. Co-ed rehab is a good choice if it’s understood that to recover and maintain sobriety, the focus needs to be solely on their recovery outcomes. Romance should not be a consideration as it will only serve as a distraction.

Gender Treatment Outcome Differences

There are similarities and differences between gender and treatment outcomes. For both, it’s better to go to rehab than do nothing at all: 1

  • Men and women are equally likely to complete treatment
  • Women who completed treatment were 9 times more likely to stay sober than women who did not finish rehab
  • Men who completed treatment were only 3 times more likely to stay sober than men who did not finish rehab

Finding Addiction Treatment Help

If you or a loved one are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, consider co-ed addiction treatment as one of your options. Co-ed rehab opens up a wider vista of choices. Talk with your doctor or a reputable treatment center to see what choice is best for you.



Table of Contents

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