Why Should I Get Sober?

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When you stop drinking, everyone tells you how much healthier you’ll be. Well, yes, but what else happens? Let’s get down to all the benefits (besides the generic “get healthier” argument) that getting and staying sober can mean in your life and how much happier you can be once you kick that nasty habit. This should give you the motivation to quit drinking for good.

How Can Sobriety Help Me Make Better Food Choices?

It’s not exactly the “getting healthier” argument, but it’s important to acknowledge that when you’re not drinking, you won’t be as vulnerable to binge eating or eating unhealthy foods. As a consequence, your weight should stabilize and you should just feel better.

Can Quitting Drinking Help My Sleep?

You may think that alcohol takes the edge off and that you’re getting better sleep, but that’s usually not the case. You may find it harder to fall asleep or that you’re sleepy at work or school after drinking the night before. Without the use of alcohol, you’re better able to stick to a regular sleep schedule and feel better during the day.

What Health Problems Come From Drinking?

Once again, this is part of the generic “getting healthy” argument but is specifically related to health problems that are caused by alcohol. First and foremost, the organ we most commonly associate with alcohol abuse is the liver. If you abuse alcohol or drugs daily, be aware that everything gets filtered through your liver. While the liver does a good job of getting rid of toxic substances, it can only take so much. When you drink excessively you push your liver to its limits and sometimes beyond.

Another benefit when you stop drinking is you’ll get sick less often because alcohol wreaks havoc on your immune system. That also means better attendance at work or school which can only enhance your success in either one.

What About Money?

Instead of spending all that money on alcohol or drugs, spend it on better things like trips or invest in a new hobby. Put it in a savings account if you’re not sure what to do with all the extra money you have after quitting alcohol. You’ll have more money if you stop drinking now.

What Can I Do with That Extra Money?

As a bonus, you will have more spare time to do things you enjoy, which is one way to spend that extra money. Instead of going on a drinking binge and spending all your money at the bar, spend it on a health club membership or golf lessons. Splurge on a luxurious hotel for a weekend getaway or save up for a trip to Europe. You’ll find you have a lot more free time to go camping or to an art gallery.

Will My Memory Improve?

Not only will you find the time to do more things that you enjoy, but you’ll also be better at remembering them. Cutting out alcohol will boost your memory and mental prowess. If you’re having blackouts or you don’t remember things while drinking, it’s time to get some help. You won’t have to wake up and wonder what you did the night before.

Will I Have More Energy?

Are you having a hard time getting out of bed and doing anything after a heavy (or typical) night of drinking? Alcohol is a depressant so it’s going to decrease your energy and make it harder to get anything productive done. Wouldn’t you rather wake up refreshed and full of energy?

What About My Self-Esteem?

Because alcohol is a depressant, it certainly isn’t going to make you feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror. Maybe you’re already sick of the cycle of drinking and waking up hungover. When your body is free from alcohol your mood improves and you see yourself in a better light. Elevated self-esteem spills over into all aspects of your life and improves them.

How Will It Affect My Relationships?

This is one area that self-esteem can impact negatively or positively. First, your higher self-esteem contributes to healthier relationships all around. You may have experienced conflict in the past in relationships because of your drinking and low self-esteem. Maybe you’re spending too many nights out at the bar with your friends instead of coming home to your partner or children. Maybe you’re having a difficult time getting and keeping a job because of your alcohol use. Maybe you said some regrettable things while under the influence. Enough is enough. It’s time to get sober and your relationships won’t change overnight but it’s time to begin the work of rebuilding them.

Everyone has a reason why you should get sober but only you can determine what’s the most important reason. Is it money? Is it relationships? Is it job performance? Only you can determine the “why” that finally motivates you to live clean and sober. The good news is that, along with the most important personal reason for sobriety, you still get all the other benefits. Can you list all your reasons for getting sober? Are you finally ready to change? Don’t do it alone. Here at Everlast Recovery Center, we can help you go through every step of the way from detoxification to rehabilitation and recovery when you leave. Let us help you at our Riverside, California facility that offers counseling as well as holistic treatments such as art and equine therapy, yoga, and hiking in nature. Begin your new life in our home-like setting. We can help. Call us today and learn how we can help at 866-DETOX-25, (866-338-6925).

Table of Contents