Helping an Alcoholic Parent

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Alcoholism not only affects the victim but also affects the lives of those around them. Dealing with an alcoholic parent can be distressing and painful to the whole family and more so if the children are still young. Even when the children are already grown, the effects may still be felt and this may affect how they handle various issues during their adulthood including decision-making.

In addition to affecting their physical well-being, having an alcoholic parent can also affect the emotional well-being of the dependants. Living with an alcoholic parent can affect the children in various ways, prompting them to seek professional help.

At Everlast Recovery Center, we understand the pain and distress of having an alcoholic parent. For that reason, we have come up with a program aimed at helping parents and loved ones who abuse substances live a normal life once more. Wondering what it is like to have an alcoholic parent or even how to help an alcoholic parent?

Here we will look at the following issues as we help you embark on a journey to helping you help an alcoholic parent.

  • How Alcoholism affects parents
  • Effects of alcoholism on the children
  • When to seek help
  • Where to seek help

How Alcoholism Affects Parents

Although alcohol use disorders may be hard to spot, there are signs that may hint that a parent has become an alcoholic. Alcoholism may lead to changes in behavior as well as emotional instability that can affect how the parent handles the family unit and those around them.

Most parents with alcoholism disorder often attempt to hide their problems from their children. However, they may not succeed for long as the signs may soon start to show.  Some of the major signs that can act as a hint include:

  • Violence
  • Absconding their parental duties
  • Constant quarrels that may lead to separation or even divorce
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as shaking or even sweating when sober
  • Unpredictable behavior
  • A parent may also drink more than usual and even spend most of their time at a drinking joint

While dealing with an alcoholic parent may not be easy for the children, they may consider seeking professional help if they notice changes in behavior or emotions.

Effects of Alcoholism on the Children 

Alcohol addiction tends to affect children in more ways than we can imagine. When a child is brought up by an alcoholic parent, they are more exposed to alcoholism and may end up becoming alcoholic in the future. Children tend to observe what their parents do and may even copy the unpleasant behaviors.

Lack of parental monitoring and guidance may lead to children developing bad character traits that may affect their lives in later stages of life. For instance, adolescents may be tempted to indulge in alcoholism and even associate with peers who also drink as stated in the National Library of Medicine. Similarly, alcoholic parents may abandon their parental roles and leave their children without a mentor.

Children may even lack basic needs as parents spend what they earn on drinking. This tends to affect the children’s mental health and physical health as well.  It is thus important to seek help when a parent becomes an alcoholic.

When Can I Seek Help if I Have an Alcoholic Parent?

As soon as you realize a change of behavior in your parent, you can open up to someone close to you. You can seek help from close family members and request them to intervene to help handle the situation at home.

Additionally, it a parent stops providing for their family, children can seek help and have a close friend or relative talk to the parent. If the situation cannot be managed at home, they may consider seeking professional help.

While talking to parents about their drinking habits may not be easy, one can involve a professional, who can handle to process from a professional perspective. Ideally, no parent wants their children to lecture them on their drinking habits. Any attempt to do so may not augur well with their ego and can even evoke a fight. It is advisable that you request an adult to intervene and look for a lasting solution.

Where Can I Seek Help for an Alcoholic Parent?

Sometimes, handling an alcoholic parent at home may not yield positive results.  Seeking treatment for a loved one shows love and appreciation as the intention is to make them live a better life. It may call for the intervention of a trained person who can handle the case from a medical perspective.  If need be, the parent can be taken to a recovery center where they can gradually recover and become dependable once more. 

That’s when Everlast Recovery Center comes into play. Under the care of qualified clinical professionals, parents suffering from alcohol addiction can receive counseling services and begin their recovery journey.

With the help and guidance of trained medical professionals, parents will receive a holistic approach to their drinking problem. This will look at the root cause of their addiction and try to come up with realistic measures to counter this addiction.

In addition to the comfortable rooms, there are various activities that will gradually help the parent stop drinking and embrace a sober life. They are introduced to therapies such as yoga that aim at preoccupying their minds until they can finally stop drinking.

Additionally, the use of medication-assisted treatment can help a parent recover pretty soon. The effect of these treatment options are long-lasting and often help them stop their drinking habits altogether. The therapeutic interventions used tend to substitute the abused substance and also prevent withdrawal symptoms. 

Some of the drugs used during the treatment will block the effects caused by the abused substance. As a result, consuming a substance such as alcohol may not achieve the desired effect, so the parent sees no need of using alcohol any more.  

Is Your Parent Struggling With Alcoholism? Everlast Recovery Center Can Help

If your parent seems to be struggling with alcoholism and would like to help, Everlast Recovery Center got your back. Our facility has trained and experienced clinical professionals who offer services you can trust. We are dedicated to ensuring that you get the most appropriate treatment options for a loved one struggling with alcoholism and substance abuse. Contact us today to book an appointment and help an alcoholic parent embark on a recovery journey. We will be pleased to help your loved ones recover from alcoholism and see them live a normal life once more.

Table of Contents