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Practicing Mindfulness at Home

Practicing mindfulness can be a crucial part of managing one’s sobriety and emotional state. Being able to distance oneself from immediate, impulsive reactions while being cognizant of one’s body, feelings, and thoughts provides a powerful foundation. This foundation can bolster one’s ability to create and employ any number of coping strategies for maintaining recovery.  When …

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What Is Wellness in Recovery?

“Wellness” may have different definitions for everybody, but if you’re in recovery, there are eight criteria or dimensions that constitute wellness for people in substance abuse recovery. Addressing these eight dimensions will help keep you on track in your sobriety and help prevent relapse. You just may find they also improve the quality of your …

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The Benefits of Mindfulness and Yoga in Addiction Recovery

Recovery doesn’t have to be treatments and therapies with fancy names. There are alternative options to help guide you through recovery. When these experiential therapy options are used alongside more traditional therapies such as dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and family therapy, great success can be found in your sobriety and overall recovery. …

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