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IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometimes reading or hearing someone talk about cravings is enough to cause them, so if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed

escape plan

Developing an escape plan early in one’s recovery journey is essential to maintaining sobriety, avoiding slips, and relapsing. However, creating these escape

job interview

Successfully navigating through a recovery program and incorporating recovery techniques outside of the recovery sphere is a huge accomplishment. However, moving back

substance abuse

The terms “abuse” and “addiction” are often used interchangeably when discussing drugs and alcohol, which can lead many to believe that they

growth mindset

Growth and personal development are cornerstones of the addiction recovery process. Learning to embrace new skills, identify and address personal obstacles, and


Every recovery journey is unique, with each day presenting several personal obstacles, difficulties, and both positive and negative emotions. Throughout the recovery


Subjectivity can muddy the waters when it comes to physical and mental recovery. You need to set realistic goals for yourself, and

sober holiday

Learning to plan a sober holiday is an important part of maintaining one’s sobriety outside of the recovery sphere. While there can


Self-care is essential to your well-being. If you avoid looking after your emotional, physical, or mental needs, you will suffer from more