What is a Partial Hospitalization Program and Is It a Good Option For Me?

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It’s estimated that addictions cost the United States over $78 billion each year due to lost work, healthcare costs, treatment, and crime. The Center for Disease and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2018, over 67,000 Americans died from a drug-involved overdose.

9.8 million adults in the U.S. suffer from a seriously debilitating mental illness. About 1 in 4 individuals with a serious mental health illness also have a substance use disorder. The high numbers of people are affected by addiction and mental health problems continue to demonstrate the need for effective treatment options.

What Is A Partial Hospitalization Program?

A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a degree of care that focuses on substance abuse issues, mental illness, or a combination of both. Individuals who participate in this type of program live at their own home while commuting to a drug and alcohol treatment center where they receive treatment throughout the day. This form of care is usually offered between 3 and 5 days each week, from 4-6 hours a day to full-day periods.

A PHP provides the comprehensive clinical benefits a person would receive from an inpatient rehab center, but with the flexible schedule of intensive outpatient treatment. It is important to note that although the name Partial Hospitalization Program implies that treatment takes place in a hospital, most PHPs are based in treatment centers and recovery facilities. 

The Benefits of Choosing PHP

  • Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits that patients receive in PHP is flexibility. The fact of the matter is that people have families, work, or school that they are committed to maintaining. PHPs help individuals who want to keep these commitments intact while also seeking rehab for themselves. Flexible days and hours help eliminate the stress of self-improvement while also leaving room for other obligations. 

  • Bridging The Gap

A partial hospitalization program is a great stepping stone for individuals who are in transition from inpatient to outpatient services. PHPs provide accountability for those who benefit from structure, especially during periods of early recovery.

  • Lower Costs for Patients and Insurance

The average PHP costs far less than a residential treatment program. In June 2020, the average cost of a PHP ranged from $350-$450 per day, compared to inpatient treatment centers ranging from $500-$650 per day. The more affordable pricing keeps this type of rehab open to a wider range of clients. These lower costs also allow health insurance to go further with a longer treatment time.

Is a PHP Right for Me?

Partial Hospitalization Programs are a great fit for people who are seeking outpatient services to help treat serious substance abuse or mental health issues. This type of treatment is also good for people who need a structured program that helps with the prevention of relapse. A PHP may be right for you if you’re seeking a safe, supportive environment to help treat your issues concerning mental health or substance abuse.

Individuals who have a stable home environment are good candidates for a PHP recovery setting. Those who are transitioning into independent living but may need structured treatment tend to benefit most from a partial hospitalization program. A PHP allows you to maintain your independence while also providing you with intensive treatment. 

What to Expect From a PHP

Partial hospitalization programs offer assistance for people with substance abuse problems as they continue their path to recovery. These programs can provide psychiatric services and medication to help people manage psychiatric disorders or dual diagnoses. PHPs programs also provide:

  • Counseling and therapy sessions, including individual and group therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Social and emotional support
  • Holistic therapies
  • Education and life skills training
  • Drug and alcohol monitoring
  • Medical evaluations
  • Flexibility in approach scheduling

A partial hospitalization program can give you the level of care you need without the complete immersion of a residential stay. You can receive a higher quality of care that fits in with your outside obligations. No longer are the days when a person is required to choose between their sobriety or their mental well-being and living their best, healthiest life. A flexible form of treatment is available to help you thrive while on your road to recovery. Reach out to your doctor or mental healthcare provider to help you decide if a partial hospitalization program is right for you. 

With an increase in individuals struggling with mental illness and substance abuse disorders, treatment needs to be readily available. Having access to partial hospitalization programs can provide you with treatment that is not only effective but also accommodates your schedule, allowing flexibility on the path forward. Being able to obtain a higher level of care without interrupting your outside obligations can decrease your stress levels as you seek treatment. Choosing the treatment that is most effective for you shouldn’t add stress to your plate. It also should not make you feel like you need to choose between going to treatment or the other important things in your life. With the help from your clinical team, placement in a PHP may be the best step for you and your road to recovery. Reach out to Everlast Recovery Centers so we can help you decide if a PHP is right for you. Call us at 866-DETOX-25.

Table of Contents

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