Our Super Heroes: The Importance of Role Models

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Role models can help you maintain your recovery by setting an example for what you want to be. You may have a role model from a support group, like a sponsor or mentor. You might look up to your parents or to other family members. Your role model might even be someone you have never met, like a celebrity or a spokesperson on sobriety. Role models can even be fictional, like superheroes or characters in a movie. The people who inspire you to do better can say a lot about what you want out of your life. Looking up to other people who can set a positive example can help you in recovery. You may not have given much thought about the people that you admire. Take some time to reflect on who you look up to and why. Then, you can begin to adopt some of their behaviors and characteristics into your life.

Who do you look up to?

Look back on your life or your current circumstances. Who do you admire or aspire to become? You may need to look back to your childhood. Were there characters or celebrities you looked up to? Why did you admire these people? Remember that everyone has flaws, even your heroes and role models. Think of admirable people while keeping in mind that nobody is perfect. You can learn about being humble in your own life by recognizing that others are not without flaws as well. If your role models are people in your life, you might want to ask them about their regrets or flaws. Be sensitive to your approach, just keep in mind that our role models have likely made mistakes that lead them to become who they are today. The mistakes of your past can also lead to you becoming someone else’s role model.

Characteristics of Role Models

Now that you have an idea of admirable people in your life, what makes them admirable? What do you like about them? What would you like to learn from them? You may even have different role models for different interests. For example, you may look up to an athlete when setting out to achieve fitness goals. You may want to learn how they maintain their fitness programs and routines. You might look up to a former teacher for their ability to inspire others to perform at their best. Reflect on these characteristics and think about the skills or abilities that you admire about your heroes. What are the characteristics that you would like to learn more about? Can you ask your role models for advice or tips? 

Most often, your role models will inspire you to feel confident and optimistic. They may have overcome adversity in your life, which makes you feel positive about your recovery. Remember that positive thinking and self-confidence are skills that you can also learn. Sometimes, you may feel like your role models were simply born the way that they are. You may think they have been flawless since birth. More often than not, your role models had to deal with tough times in their lives or they may have needed to deal with their own demons to become who they are today. They likely learned coping skills and tips that you can also use to achieve similar outcomes.

Be a Role Model for Others

You may not realize that you might be a role model for other people. You may be surprised at who looks up to you for inspiration and guidance. Sometimes, you may feel like your actions and life have little consequence or significance to others. However, you are likely to inspire someone else in some way. Every person has something that they excel in that others may look up to. Every person has something of value to teach to others. You may have children looking up to you. Children often look up to adults whether we realize it or not. You may be setting an example without your own awareness. Your peers in recovery may have heard strength in your stories. They may find inspiration in your triumphs. By aspiring to be more like your role models, you can be a better role model for others. You have an impact on the world around you–whether you want to or not. You never know who is watching and imitating your behavior. Make the example that you set a good one to inspire others to make the world a more positive place!

Role models can inspire us to be better in our lives. They may teach us how to behave or think. They might have been people from our childhoods or mentors in our current support groups. Our heroes have also made mistakes in their lives. We can learn from them by not only looking at what they do right but by looking at how they have overcome adversity to achieve success. You may feel like your role models and heroes were simply born into positive circumstances. However, you may be surprised at the life lessons that your heroes have to offer from the mistakes they may have made. You are likely inspiring someone else in your life, whether you realize this or not. Be sure to set a good example–you never know who is emulating your behavior. Everlast Recovery Centers is here to support you in recovery. Call us today at 866-DETOX-25.

Table of Contents

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