What Should I Look For in an Addiction Treatment Center?

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You may be struggling with addiction and are looking for treatment. You may know someone you care about struggling and are trying to help them get the best help for them. Recovery from addiction is a unique process for each person learning to manage their addictions. You may have needs in your recovery that differ from others. You may find some approaches beneficial, where others have not helped you in the past. When looking for treatment, you should look for what will best help you. Addiction treatment centers differ between their approaches or philosophies towards treating addiction. Some key things to consider while looking for treatment include environment, staff ratio, amenities, program, and other components that may work best for you.

Environment and Amenities

Environment includes more than the interior of a treatment center. The environment might also include other factors like location. Some places are more secluded, outdoorsy and scenic, which you might respond to better than being in a more urban environment. Others might be closer to towns or within a community. The overall atmosphere may be homelike or more “hospital-like”. What type of atmosphere will best help you thrive in your recovery? Would you like to be away from everything and in nature or would you like to be closer to other conveniences? Many recovery centers have pictures of their settings to help give you an idea of what to expect.

Amenities include additional factors you may not think of that can be conducive to your success in treatment. Some centers promote overall health and wellness. They might include exercise programs, gym memberships, home-cooked meals, and experiential therapies that can help you during the early recovery process. Other amenities may include massage therapy, acupuncture, or reiki all of which can be great healing methods for early recovery.

Staff Ratio and Qualifications

Staff ratio is simply the ratio of staff to clients in recovery. Some centers may have higher staffing ratios than others. When centers have lower staff to client ratios (or more staff available per client), they may be better at providing individual attention and support than those with lower ratios. Staff ratios can help you get an idea of how “hands-on” the program may feel to you. How much individual attention is important to you for your treatment process?

Staff qualifications might be important for you to consider. Some centers have many people in recovery working with their clients. Others may have a mix of clinical staff, peers, and other qualified support staff. Is it important to you if the staff is also in recovery? You might want to be sure that staff can also relate to your experiences. You also might have different needs in your recovery, requiring staff to have advanced degrees to treat specific medical or psychological issues. 

Program Considerations: A Day in the Life

What will your day look like while you are in treatment? Will you be required to wake and go to sleep at a specific time? Will you be required to attend group sessions at specific times of the day? Does everyone eat and share meals or is everyone responsible for their own meals? You might find this information by reading online reviews of the center or asking staff to walk you through “a day in the life” of those in treatment. Knowing what to expect on a daily basis might help you make an informed decision on where you go to treatment.

Other program considerations might be what type of approach the center takes to recovery. If you are in need of medical assistance during your treatment, can they help you with this? Do you need a therapist on-site during your program? Do you follow a 12-step program or other recovery program and expect a similar approach from your treatment center? Are you interested in psychoeducational courses on issues, like codependency, anger management, or relapse prevention? Factors like these can help you to make the best decision for your recovery needs.

Your addiction treatment needs are unique in the early phase of the recovery process. You can help yourself by searching for a recovery program that can best suit your needs. Reviewing websites or calling the program directly can help you determine which program will be a good fit for you. The more that a program can address your needs and wants in the treatment process, the more apt you are to stick with the program. Ask questions and seek out the information you need when choosing a treatment facility. Think about what things you have tried in your addiction treatment that have worked in the past as well as what has not been helpful. You know yourself best. Being informed about the unique features of each treatment program can help you find the best fit for your needs.

Addiction treatment centers can vary in environment, atmosphere, staffing, amenities, and programming. Each person is different and may have different needs to be successful in their treatment process. When you find a program that suits your needs, you might increase your chances of success in your recovery. Ask questions, research, and consider what will best help you. Everlast Recovery Centers offers addiction treatment for those in need. We are located in California, but we offer our services to those all across the country. We have a homelike atmosphere with low staffing ratios to provide attention to our clients. We have staff who are also in recovery, and can relate to your experiences. We have psychoeducational courses and groups to help you learn skills to deal with everyday triggers and other issues related to addiction recovery. Call us today at 866-DETOX-25 to learn more about our program. We hope to fit your unique needs for treatment! 

Table of Contents

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