Staying Sober in Riverside: 4 Activities to Try

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A person may use drugs or alcohol as a way to temporarily cope with stress and anxiety. Once a person enters recovery, it becomes time to find healthy activities in Riverside that help a person cope in a more effective manner.

Fortunately, Riverside and the surrounding communities have lots to do, which provides a healthy outlet for stress relief and promotes a full life in sobriety.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Soak up some vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, at one of Riverside’s many parks. Examples include the California Citrus State Historic Park or Mount Rubidoux Park. Whether it’s a hike, a picnic or just a quiet place to enjoy the sunshine, going to a park can be a free way to enjoy the outdoors and relax the mind.

Consider Art Therapy

Explore your artistic side through art education classes or workshops. The Riverside Art Museum is an excellent place to start. From calligraphy to painting, there are many options, even for beginners. These programs allow you to creatively explore and channel your feelings through creating works of art.

Volunteer in the Community

Put your time toward helping others through volunteer work. There are numerous community organizations who accept volunteers. Examples include the American Red Cross, animal shelters, Riverside Regional Medical Center and more. If you have a particular interest or group of people you would like to help, there is likely an organization for it in Riverside that accepts volunteers.

Exercise Strengthens Sobriety

Scientists have developed a growing body of research around the benefits of exercise and physical activity in sobriety. You can be one of those success stories by exercising yourself. You can start small with a daily walk outdoors, or even consider starting to train for a fun race. Dancing, biking or taking an aerobics class are additional options that promote physical fitness and a positive self-image after achieving sobriety.

Table of Contents

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