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Can I Detox at Home?

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When someone is ready to detox from drugs and begin a sober life, going through a home drug detox can create an uncomfortable, painful, and possibly dangerous or even fatal situation. When a person has a physical dependence on drugs and suddenly stops taking them, the body reacts because the brain has come to rely on these substances to function. A home drug detox leaves the person unprepared to properly handle these reactions.

If you want to live a substance-free life, the first step is a supported detox that helps you cope with the resulting withdrawal symptoms. These side effects, also known as withdrawal symptoms, can be painful and difficult to handle alone during a home drug detox. Medical care during detox in a supervised setting helps you feel more comfortable and experience less pain, and it can prevent or handle any medical complications that can develop.

Why a Home Drug Detox Is Not Recommended

Home drug detox is a risky and potentially life-threatening proposition. Unexpected complications often arise during withdrawal. Without professional support nearby if symptoms worsen, a home drug detox could quickly spiral out of control. It’s safer and more effective to have a professionally supported detox where staff can handle any withdrawal symptoms that may develop.

  • Withdrawal symptoms can include harmful psychological symptoms, triggering uncontrollable behaviors that are potentially dangerous to yourself or others.
  • A home drug detox does not equip you to handle an emergency medical situation. If emergencies arise, there will be a wait time for first responders to come to the scene.
  • You can become helpless if withdrawal symptoms are severe. Incapacitation may be serious enough that you are unable to drive or even use the phone to get help.

Any health conditions you have can cause unexpected developments, as can withdrawal symptoms, which can cause unconsciousness, a heart attack, respiratory failure, seizures, and possibly death. These types of potential conditions that can occur during a home drug detox can be deadly.

Professional Detox Is the Safest Choice

A professionally supervised detoxification by trained addiction experts is recommended, especially if you’ve heavily used drugs or have long-term dependence. Medications can be provided to you that help avoid health complications, ease withdrawal symptoms and allow you to detox safely.

Table of Contents

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