Body Odor from Alcohol Detox: Does it Really Happen?

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Does alcohol detox make you stink?

Answer: Yes, detox can make you stink. Body odor from alcohol detox is a side effect of the detox process, but one that should not typically cause alarm. Fortunately, this odor does not usually linger beyond the detox process.

A person who has abused drugs or alcohol for many years has developed a serious buildup of toxins in their body. Detoxing from some substances, particularly alcohol, are associated with a significant odor that does, indeed, make you stink.

What Is Detox?

Professional detox is the process by which a person is supported and provided with care while they go through withdrawal after quitting drugs or alcohol. This process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete, depending on the substance in question and the amount of time the individual has been dependent on it.

During this process, individuals will suffer withdrawal symptoms that range from mild to serious and even life-threatening. When it comes to alcohol, a person can experience delirium tremens on the severe side and body odor from alcohol detox on the milder side.

Why Is There Body Odor From Alcohol Detox?

Body odor from alcohol detox is common. First, someone who is in withdrawal from alcohol will often experience profuse sweating. Sweating naturally leads to body odor, but the profuse sweating for days can produce a more potent odor. Secondly, body odor from alcohol detox is associated with the toxins that are being released from the body. While these odors are unpleasant, they are a signal that your body is progressing through the process and quite literally cleansing itself.

Is Body Odor from Alcohol Detox Dangerous?

Most of the time, body odor from alcohol detox is not dangerous. However, someone who has abused alcohol for many years could also be suffering from liver or kidney disease. They may have other health conditions associated with alcohol addiction. In these cases, bad odors could be a sign of advancing liver disease or some other serious health condition. This is partly why detoxing under the care of addiction specialists and healthcare providers is essential.

Body odor from alcohol detox may be unpleasant, but it is a normal part of the process. The body odor from alcohol detox will dissipate as the person completes the detox process and their body adjusts to being free from alcohol.

If you or someone you love is addicted to alcohol or drugs, remember that it is vital to undergo the detox process at an addiction treatment center or medical center that specializes in this process.

Table of Contents