Is There Such a Thing as Permanent Drug Detox?

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Drug detox is the process where a person stops taking a substance, whether it’s drugs or alcohol and allows their body to work the substance completely out of their system.

Some companies sell kits that promise permanent drug detox by taking specialized supplements, medications, or beverages to mask or eliminate the presence of drugs in the body.

However, many of these kits that promise permanent drug detox do not work. They may contain chemicals that are intended to more rapidly rid the body of active compounds such as THC from marijuana. However, what is actually required for permanent drug detox is time and a commitment to quit using drugs.

About Drug Detox Programs

Instead of trying to use permanent drug detox teas or supplements, a person can participate in a drug detox program that provides support throughout the detox process. This support primarily addresses withdrawal symptoms.

When a person stops using a substance that they’re addicted to, they will most likely experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, muscle tremors, insomnia, anxiety, seizures, and more. Drug detox programs are designed to help a person get through any withdrawal symptoms safely and as comfortably as possible.

Sometimes medical drug detox programs can provide medications to reduce the symptoms associated with drug detox. These include anti-nausea medications and medications to promote sleep, control nausea, and calm anxiety. These programs are designed as the first step on the road to permanent recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

However, after any drug detox program, there is a potential for relapse. That’s why it is difficult to say there is any type of permanent drug detox. A chance always exists that a person may go back to drug or alcohol abuse. When a person struggles with addiction, they must choose every day to refrain from using drugs or drinking.

Permanent Drug Detox

Permanent drug detox kits rarely—if ever—live up to their promises, and they often miss the point of drug detox in the first place. The point of a detox is to help a person become sober by refraining from using drugs and alcohol. A commitment to a substance-free lifestyle following detox can lead to permanent and long-lasting sobriety.

Table of Contents