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Understanding Meth and Alcohol

Understanding the differences between meth and alcohol, as well as the dangers of combining them, is incredibly important.  While small amounts of alcohol can be consumed responsibly, there is no responsible way to use meth.  Meth is dangerous and those risks are magnified when used alongside alcohol.

Alcohol and meth addictions should be given supportive treatment throughout recovery.  If you’re struggling with alcohol and meth addiction, there are many different treatment options available.

What is Meth?

Meth is short for methamphetamine and is also called speed, crystal, and blue.  There are different types of meth, but none of them are safe to use and should be strictly avoided.  Meth is chemically similar to the composition of Adderall, but Adderall is safe to use when directed by a doctor. There is no situation in which meth is safe. 

How Meth is Used?

Meth is injected, snorted, smoked, or swallowed.  Injection requires combining powdered meth with some form of liquid.  Many have heard of crystal meth, which is another one of its forms.

How Long Does Meth Last?

You may be wondering, “How long does meth last?”  The answer to that question ranges.  Meth effects can end 8-24 hours after it was taken.

The Dangers of Meth

Meth is very dangerous.  It is illegal in the United States and highly addictive.  Those who begin meth often find that it feels near impossible to stop and may fall into the cycle of addiction.  The best way to avoid addiction to meth is to never begin using it.  While meth’s effects may feel beneficial at first, they’re not.  Quickly, tolerance will build as the body needs more to feel the same effects, starting the cycle of abuse.

Meth vs Crystal Meth

Meth and crystal meth are the same drug.  However, crystal meth is typically more concentrated and has a greater impact overall.  Crystal meth is known for its crystalline form.  Neither meth nor crystal meth is safe to use.  They have mostly the same effects on the body. 

 Meth vs crystal meth is not a question of which is “safer” or “better.”  They both are dangerous and should not be considered under any circumstances.  Alcohol and meth are still dangerous, regardless of which type is used.

The Effects of Alcohol and Meth

Meth is a Stimulant

Meth is a stimulant that heightens many of the body’s processes and produces an extremely powerful high.  The drug works through training dopamine neurotransmitters, which produces euphoria.  That feeling is why it can become challenging to quit meth, as the body gets used to the dopamine high and leading to tolerance and addiction.

Alcohol is a Depressant

Alcohol is a depressant.  Combining stimulants and depressants is never a good idea and can be very dangerous.  This is one of the reasons why meth and alcohol should not be used together, as it can be difficult to know how “high” you are.   Alcohol and meth have opposite effects, which make them feel like they cancel one another out, leading you to believe you need to keep taking more.

The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol and Meth

Some people who don’t like the feeling of being intoxicated will take meth to reverse this feeling. However, meth does not make you any less drunk, only the feelings of it. Some people who develop sleep troubles because of meth consume alcohol to sleep. Even so, meth and alcohol should not be consumed together. Relying on one or both of these substances is incredibly unhealthy and can have hugely negative health effects.

Using these substances as a way to cope with the effects of the other is an unhealthy cycle and only pushes you further into addiction. When a combination of these drugs is depended upon, there is an increased risk for many dangers.

Using alcohol and meth at the same time increases the risk of certain illnesses, as well as cardiovascular issues. Meth and alcohol may have very specific effects but hurt the entire body and can cause irreversible damage.

How Could Meth Make an Anxious Person Feel Better?

Meth can make an anxious person feel better because it can produce a sense of euphoria, well-being and energy. The “coming down” or crash that happens as meth wears off can cause severe depression, irritability and fatigue. Drug cravings coupled with these distressing symptoms may motivate a person to use more meth, which can lead to addiction.

Meth and Alcohol Treatment

The best way to recover from meth addiction is to find a treatment center that specializes in that type of recovery. Finding professionals that you feel comfortable with, who use supported and confirmed methods, is an excellent way to begin a treatment journey. You deserve the best care and there are so many different options available. Researching treatment near you, as well as different methods, will help you gain clarity and select the best plan.

Alcohol treatment can vary, depending on the individual and the severity of the alcoholism. Some people may benefit from therapy and group support, while others may enter a rehabilitation center. Alcohol addiction should be taken seriously. There are many treatment options available that are proven to be successful.

Finding Recovery

Getting the help you need, regardless of what substances you’ve used, is extremely important. Reaching out and asking for support is a sign that you want to improve your life. Recovery from addiction is possible and made easier through the help of trained professionals. Look for a center that has experience with your specific needs and can provide high level, individualized support. Alcohol and meth addictions deserve attention and treatment.


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